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Day trading can be highly profitable if you have the right training, but it’s easy to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be sure to choose your day trading courses wisely and make sure that they teach the skills and strategies that work best in today’s current financial markets. Here are some of the best day trading courses that our experts recommend.

Bear Bull Traders

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Bear Bull Traders offers traders of all levels an in-depth education. When you combine their expert instruction with an interactive trading community, extensive learning resources, and close support –all at an affordable price –you get the best overall trading course. In 2016, Andrew Aziz, a world-class trader and author, created Bear Bull Traders to provide traders of all levels with training based on the strategies in his best-selling books. This is the only course we found that includes a clinical psychologist on its psychology team. It guides members through every step of the trading process and prepares them for developing strategies.

In addition to video resources, the program offers weekly webinars, downloadable resources, a real-time trading simulator, and two chatrooms where traders can discuss and learn from each other. Additionally, members have access to experienced mentors, such as Andrew Aziz. It costs $39 for a seven-day trial of Bear Bull Traders. However, it is not a full trial, and it only includes chat rooms and a getting-started training session. A $99 monthly membership offers access to chat rooms and the essentials course. You can also sign up for the Elite package, which is $199 monthly, or $1,199 annually. It includes the advanced course, psychology team access, webinars, and mentorship. You will also receive 1:1 psychology coaching when you purchase the annual membership.

Warrior Trading

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As a result, we rated Warriors Trading as the best day trading course for a comprehensive offering. They offer trading courses for traders of all experience levels, live trading demos, group mentoring, and an extensive resource library. Its Warrior Pro course is a comprehensive survey of both basic and advanced trading techniques. Ross Cameron created it. In addition to its paid courses, the site offers a free course for students wishing to learn the basics.

Beginning with beginner lessons on trades, the Warrior Pro program includes large and small-cap trading, trading options, active trading, and IRA day trading. Warrior Pro offers group live mentors, live trading chat rooms, recordings, and more. For example, it is possible to purchase a practice simulator as an add-on for a higher price. After signing up for Warrior Pro for 90 days, members will pay $197 monthly for continued access. Plus, there is a yearly subscription available for $5,997.

Bullish Bears

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Our mission is to turn as many people as possible into successful day traders with low monthly membership prices and great education resources, such as high-quality courses, chat rooms, and other great tools. All of that taken into account, Bullish Bears takes the prize for the best value in a day trading course. Over 90,000 subscribers subscribe to Bullish Bears’ YouTube channel. 1 People may join for the low price, but they stay for the high-energy and welcoming community found in its chat rooms. Live streams of trades are performed by a team of professional traders, turning it into a learning experience in and of itself. They don’t have a simulator, but you could obtain a third-party one to practice.

We urge all interested people to try out our 7-day free trial, which provides access to everything offered through our $47 monthly membership, including all courses, daily watch lists, chat room, live-streaming trading room, trade alerts, and other trading tools. Members can save money by purchasing lifetime access if they are interested in becoming a member for an extended period of time. At the moment, this option is $497, but it might be raised to $997.

Asia Forex Mentor—One Core Program

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There are many trade trainers out there, but none of them are as successful as Ezekiel Chew, who has experience at some of the top firms in multiple countries and also lectures at top colleges around the world. As part of the One Core Program, Ezekiel gives back to the trading community. Anyone can learn to trade with this course, but Ezekiel’s One Core Course is best suited to day traders.

The educational content comes from Chuck’s nearly 20 years of trading experience. For $997, you can enroll in the course (or $940 without the trial). All 26 sessions of the course can be viewed online. Ezekiel explains his high-win-rate strategies and explains how to spot hand-picked examples in every lesson, with seven-day free trials and plenty of student feedback.

Golden Eye is where it gets interesting, because that’s where students are invited to join. At $118 per month, members gain access to live-streams of Ezekiel’s market analysis and their knowledge about how to read charts and to set up trades.


Udemy Acquires CorpU to Expand Immersive Leadership Development Capabilities | Business Wire

Udemy is a website with a range of classes, including Day Trading 101 for those who want to experience day trading first-hand. If you want to try a course but don’t want to pay full price, they offer discounts and promotion codes often. That way, if day trading doesn’t work out for you, you can always return the course. In my opinion, Udemy is the best out there. The company provides content from an expert teacher, just like other course providers. Luca Moschini founded SharperTrades, LCC, an educational site for traders. With an Udemy rating of 4.6 and 8,500 ratings, Luca has taught more than 145,000 students.

On this video course of four hours of lectures, Luca discusses technical analysis, which is a central part of day trading. He also talks about how to read charts and pick stocks for trading. With online tutorials, students are able to teach themselves how to trade in their online courses. They are entitled to a full refund for any course for a full month, and they will have unlimited access to all of Udemy’s course materials for life. It’s good that Udemy offers a variety of trading courses to choose from. Some courses are more in-depth than others and focus on certain trading markets like forex, futures, and stocks. Most of their courses are affordable and can be purchased for a discounted price on occasion.

Do you need any other qualifications or skills?

If you want to day trade as a job, you’ll need to be a top trader. That means being able to read and analyze financial charts, understanding technical analysis, and having the discipline to stick to your trading plan. You’ll also need enough capital to fund your trading account and cover your living expenses. And finally, you’ll need to be able to handle the stress of trading. When you’ve finished those steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful day trader.

If you already have experience in stock trading, you may not need day trading courses, for example, if you’ve used one of our best online stock brokers to actively invest in stocks and have a good sense of how markets work and how to read charts, then other skills classes may not be necessary. However, there are Investopedia courses on subjects like Options Trading or Forex that could also be of assistance. You just need to remember that most experts suggest that learning to day trade is not effective solely through reading books.

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